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West Coast Tour 2016 – Crater Lake – Part One

Timeline: September 25-26 We accessed Crater Lake at the western entrance and drove straight to the Visitors Center, arriving right around 1pm.  We had arrived just in time to take in the 20-minute informational film about the park which gave us very good background on the lake’s origins and explains its appeal.  We then drove […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Kamp Angst/Rogue River – Part Two

  Timeline: September 19-24 We arose the next morning ready for another big breakfast and weren’t disappointed.  This is not fancy food, but it is good quality and there is plenty of it, something like eating at home if your Mom was a good cook.  We made our own sandwiches this time, packed up our […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Kamp Angst/Rogue River – Part One

Timeline: September 19-24 We drove down out of Bend around the north side of Crater Lake and made way for the REI in Medford to pick up the Osprey pack I had ordered.  We arrived in good time, completed the transaction and then drove a short distance to a nearby In-N-Out, our first stop of […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Bend

Timeline: September 15-18 The drive to Bend wouldn’t take long so we dawdled a bit in the morning before heading south on the I-5 to cross over the Cascades at Salem.  As we’ve posted about Bend before when visiting my brother, I’ll condense this report on our visit as much of it was taken up […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Portland – Part Two

  Timeline: September 12-14 With Brian off to work early Tuesday morning we spent a bit more time getting caught up with Colleen and then the three of us drove into downtown Portland for a stop at Powell’s, self-described as the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world.  And as one of our […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Portland – Part One

Timeline: September 12-14 Our next destination was Portland, two full days of driving ahead of us.  We’d split the distance almost in two and stop for the night near Boise.  Having done some pre-packing the night before, we broke camp early and were out by about 7:30am.  It was quiet in Moab, a Sunday morning […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Moab – Part Two

  Timeline: September 7-11 With four nights and three full days in Moab, we decided to dedicate Friday to bike riding, relaxing and shopping.  We’d inquired about road bike routes around town (there are hundreds of miles of dirt biking trails close by) and with information in hand took off from camp heading north out […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Moab

Timeline: September 7-11 The drive from Parker to Moab would be fairly simple, with portions along the I-70 we’d traveled many times.  This is a scenic route, crossing over the Rockies at Loveland Pass, the highway carving through steep canyons as sun capped mountain peaks twinkle in the distance.  Crossing into Utah you leave the […]

West Coast Tour 2016 – Denver

Timeline: September 3-6 With a moderate drive ahead of us to Denver we had camp partially broken the night before, enabling us to get out of Spearfish right around 9:00 am.  We went west a short distance into Wyoming, then turned south for the rest of the journey.  A couple of hours into the drive […]