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Europe 2014 – Lisbon, One Cold Beer to Go

With just a few hours of driving ahead of us, I took the wheel for the journey.  We decided to give the toll roads a chance, mainly to save time, and to see if Portuguese law enforcement was on the lookout for us.  The drive went smoothly, passing through two manned toll stations, both of […]

Europe 2014 – Porto, It Grows on You

A nice morning greeted us and we made our way into Porto on the bus with a full schedule of sightseeing on the agenda.  As had been, and would be the case in the future, the bus stop was not far from the campground providing a ride into town, about 20 minutes with a final […]

Europe 2014 – Porto, Welcome to Portugal

We broke camp at Cancelas and with a somewhat short drive to Porto, decided to try to find out what those interesting buildings were on the top of the hill that we’d aimed for on our bike ride a day or so earlier.  Joanna had picked up some information at the campsite for this complex, […]

Europe 2014 – Santiago de Compostela – The End of the Camino

We’d stopped at a Carrefour in Lugo and picked up dinner supplies there, so we set up at Camping As Cancelas, had our meal, including a bottle of that nice white wine we’d discovered in Pamplona, and then made our way down to the restaurant/bar of the campground to check out the ambience and the […]

Europe 2014 – Burgos and Leon or the Hit and Run Cathedral Tour

  Our plan for the next two days would be to stay in a hotel each night in Burgos and Leon.  Outside of their respective cathedrals, neither town had much more to see and for a bit more than the cost of camping, we could take in the sights, make time, and gain a day […]

Europe 2014 – Pamplona Minus the Bulls

It was a pretty long, but uneventful drive from the Dordogne down to Pamplona.  We hit a couple of short sections of toll road, but the charges were reasonable.  We crossed over into Spain just south of Bayonne and Biarritz on Highway N121-A, a good road that brought us to Camping Ezcaba, about five miles […]

Europe 2014 – The Dordogne, Part Two

Monday the 2nd dawned bright and warm and as I did a systems check of the body upon rising, I was glad to see that the ear had cleared up and I wasn’t paralyzed from the fall.  So maybe that was just a bad day the day before.  Coffee tasted particularly good that morning, as […]