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Europe 2014 – Lisbon, One Cold Beer to Go

With just a few hours of driving ahead of us, I took the wheel for the journey.  We decided to give the toll roads a chance, mainly to save time, and to see if Portuguese law enforcement was on the lookout for us.  The drive went smoothly, passing through two manned toll stations, both of […]

Europe 2014 – Porto, It Grows on You

A nice morning greeted us and we made our way into Porto on the bus with a full schedule of sightseeing on the agenda.  As had been, and would be the case in the future, the bus stop was not far from the campground providing a ride into town, about 20 minutes with a final […]

Europe 2014 – Porto, Welcome to Portugal

We broke camp at Cancelas and with a somewhat short drive to Porto, decided to try to find out what those interesting buildings were on the top of the hill that we’d aimed for on our bike ride a day or so earlier.  Joanna had picked up some information at the campsite for this complex, […]

Europe 2014 – Santiago de Compostela – The End of the Camino

We’d stopped at a Carrefour in Lugo and picked up dinner supplies there, so we set up at Camping As Cancelas, had our meal, including a bottle of that nice white wine we’d discovered in Pamplona, and then made our way down to the restaurant/bar of the campground to check out the ambience and the […]

Europe 2014 – Burgos and Leon or the Hit and Run Cathedral Tour

  Our plan for the next two days would be to stay in a hotel each night in Burgos and Leon.  Outside of their respective cathedrals, neither town had much more to see and for a bit more than the cost of camping, we could take in the sights, make time, and gain a day […]

Europe 2014 – Pamplona Minus the Bulls

It was a pretty long, but uneventful drive from the Dordogne down to Pamplona.  We hit a couple of short sections of toll road, but the charges were reasonable.  We crossed over into Spain just south of Bayonne and Biarritz on Highway N121-A, a good road that brought us to Camping Ezcaba, about five miles […]

Europe 2014 – The Dordogne, Part Two

Monday the 2nd dawned bright and warm and as I did a systems check of the body upon rising, I was glad to see that the ear had cleared up and I wasn’t paralyzed from the fall.  So maybe that was just a bad day the day before.  Coffee tasted particularly good that morning, as […]

Europe 2014 – The Dordogne, Part One

We arrived at Le Capeyrou Campground at the edge of the small town of Beynac mid afternoon on Friday, May 30th and were delighted with the site and its facilities.  Beynac is a picaresque place, with its well-known castle perched high atop a steep hill overlooking the Dordogne River.  For the first time on the […]

Europe 2014 – Cognac, Need I Say More?

We bade farewell to Francois after one last filling breakfast and made our way to nearby Versailles in search of a bike shop to see if we could purchase more tubes and flat repair materials.  Driving in the older cities of Europe, as said before, is always an interesting experience and even with the GPS […]

Europe 2002 – Return to Ludwig’s Way (Koning-Ludwig’s Weg), Part Two

Note to Readers.  While looking through prior posts this one appears to not have been posted.  If it is a duplicate, sorry about that! Up early to get on the trail, checking in luggage at the Hauptbahnhof went smoothly and we then boarded the S6 line for our ride out to the last stop at […]