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West Coast Fall 2015, Part Seven

  10/22-11/2 With a relatively short drive back to Oakland that Thursday and a bit of time on our hands with Jessica and Kris at work all day, we elected to visit Tuolumne Grove, one of Yosemite’s three Sequoia groves (the other two are Mariposa and Crane Flat), just past the Tioga Road turnoff. Not […]

West Coast Fall 2015, Part Six

10/22-11/2 We left the Visitor Center and walked back over to the food shops at the Village, picking up some coffee and soup to go along with the sandwich’s we had made back at camp.  It was pleasantly chilly, to sit outside and enjoy the clear air and pleasant surroundings.  Once finished we walked a […]

West Coast Fall 2015, Part Five

10/22-11/2 Temperatures dipped that first night and we were glad to have a heater in the tent.  The bed would not win any awards for comfort, but we soon grew used to its shortcomings and slept well the balance of our stay.  With rain in the forecast we knew that our first full day in […]

West Coast Fall 2015, Part Four

10/22-11/2 The drive down from Angels Camp isn’t far from a mileage perspective, but it takes time due to the curvy nature of the roads, particularly a stretch between Moccasin and Priest Station just past the Don Pedro Reservoir (now seriously depleted due to California’s ongoing drought). Starting just east of Moccasin, State Route 120 […]

West Coast Fall 2015, Part Three

10/22-11/2 We loaded up the car Monday morning and took off not long after 9am heading due east on the 580 out of the east bay towards Stockton. Our goal for the day was to swing by Angels Camp and Murphy’s, site of my aunt and uncle’s old cabin off Highway 4 before heading on […]

West Coast Fall 2015, Part Two

10/22-11/2 Kris had to go into work on Sunday to begin decorating his office for the big Halloween Party they would be holding the following Friday and after he left Jessica, Joanna and I took off for Berkeley and a visit to the REI there to pick up some supplies for mine and Joanna’s trip […]

West Coast Fall 2015, Part One

  10/22-11/2 After my return from Copenhagen on the 14th we had a week in town before our scheduled trip out to the west coast to visit Jessica and Kris. Kim and Marty, Kris’ parents, stopped in early the next week for three nights giving us the opportunity to show them a bit of Charlotte. […]