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South East Spring Swing, Tallahassee, Part Two

March 31 – April 3 It rained hard all night but our year-old Marmot Limestone 6P handled the moisture effectively, without any leaks and little condensation inside.  The biggest issue in staying dry inside a tent, outside of the obvious leaks, is condensation.  A completely waterproof tent prevents water from entering, but can also keep […]

South East Spring Swing, Tallahassee, Part One

  March 31 – April 3 With rain forecast for the morning we again awoke early, broke camp quickly, and stopped for breakfast after getting on the road. The nearest option was a place we stop at infrequently but enjoy each time we do which is the Cracker Barrel chain. We’ve eaten with these folks […]

South East Spring Swing, Mobile Part Two

March 27-30 Our plan for this trip had been to try and get a number of bike rides in after we left New Orleans, both Mobile and our next destination, Tallahassee, offering numerous possibilities.  But with the cold/allergy thing I had going riding was out and so we drove into Mobile to take the walking […]

South East Spring Swing, Mobile Part One

March 27-30 It began to rain pretty hard Sunday morning making the ride out to the airport to drop Lyndsay off a challenge with foggy conditions severe enough that staying in the lane was difficult.  We returned to the house to finish cleaning up, run a load of laundry (we’d forgotten to turn on the […]

South East Spring Swing, New Orleans #4

March 24-26 The planned activity for our last day in town would be a guided walking tour of the French Quarter and then a lazy crawl through the lower quarter and a visit to Frenchmen Street. First up though we devoured an excellent egg scramble Lyndsay put together using the remnants of her Dream Burger […]