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Europe 2017 – Summary, Part Three

August 24 – November 15 We spent time in just three countries this trip, Greece, Spain, and France.  Each was an extremely positive experience and we’ll recount these, and maybe some drawbacks in the following posts. Greece My one and only visit to Greece was a month spent at the end of a three-month trip […]

Europe 2017 – Crete, Part Four

September 3-8 With a late morning departure back to Heraklion, we arose after a good night’s sleep, feeling decent, albeit quite stiff, and after some puttering around, walked to breakfast at Loca Cafe, the coffee shop where we had met the bus the morning before. We filled up on a pastry or two and returned […]

Europe 2017 – Crete, Part Two

September 3-8 After a hearty breakfast at the El Greco, we checked out and with advice from the desk clerk, significantly shortened our walk back down to the harbor and the adjacent Bus Terminal.  There we purchased tickets for our hour-long bus ride to Rethimno, our next stop in Crete.  We would be following a […]

Europe 2017 – Crete, Part One

September 3-8 We arrived in Heraklion early in the morning, roughly between 6 and 7am and made the long trek from the harbor, quite a bit of it uphill, to the El Greco, our hotel for the night. At just 43 euros with what would be a pretty good breakfast, it established a pattern we’d […]

Europe 2017 – Athens and the Ferry

September 2 We breakfasted at the Phaedra and then did the one chore that is absolutely necessary on any long trip, one not often described in detail in any guidebook and yet requires an outlay of cash and an hour or two of lost time.  Yes, that’s right…. the laundry. We’d spotted a place not […]