Charlotte is ripe for employment

Throughout our travels, and indeed our time in Charlotte, I’m asked about the city and what it is like.  I often reply it reminds me of Los Angeles in that it is a city of immigrants, that is most of the folks that I meet are from some other place.  This article from today’s Charlotte Observer talks about one of the reasons for this influx:

Charlotte is ripe for employment
NerdWallet reports city is 3rd in nation for job seekers
By Katherine Peralta

   If you’re looking for a job in Charlotte, you’re in the right place, according to NerdWallet.   The consumer finance site this week ranked Charlotte the third-best city in the United States for those looking for work, just below Lincoln, Neb., and Fort Worth, Texas. Also in the top 10 was Greensboro, which came in No. 6.   The report gauged affordability, workforce growth and job availability of the 100 largest American cities to determine the rankings.   Charlotte’s working-age population, which the Census Bureau defines as those 18 to 64 years old, grew 12.7 percent, faster than any other city in the top 10, from 2009 to 2013. Area unemployment in November, the most recent figure available, was 4.1 percent, NerdWallet noted, well below the current national rate of 5.6 percent.   At $41,960, the median salary for a Charlottean is slightly lower than the rest of the United States, Nerd-Wallet said, but with a median monthly rent of $888, Charlotte is also a bit cheaper than other high-ranking cities on the list.   Also in Charlotte’s favor, according to NerdWallet, is the presence of a half dozen Fortune 500 headquarters, including Bank of America, Lowe’s and Duke Energy.

MARK HAMES –    Charlotte is home to a half-dozen Fortune 500 headquarters, including that of Duke Energy.

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