Europe 2014 – Fest 1 – Jessica, Kris and John Arrive and the Fun Really Begins (Updated)

Timeline: September 19th – 21st

Editors Note: Jessica had graciously agreed to pen a few posts for me, allowing for a slightly different take on our travels. I’m sure you will enjoy her writing and her perspective.  

After a hectic morning in London trying to get from our hotel at Piccadilly Circus to the Airport we finally arrived at the Munich Airport. Our bags arrived swiftly and we were excited to go meet up with all the parents. However, the brief warning given by my dad to “get a group pass for the trains, it’s more cost effective” did not take into account that we would be holding up a line of 20 people and trying to use a machine that refused to remain in English. So we got some kind of ticket and boarded the S1 to the U4 towards Arabellapark. I appreciated the 1970’s decor on the trains with faux wood paneling and mood lighting. In this instance there is a chance that the mood lighting was just a flickering bulb, but I was tired and didn’t care.

Once safely at the hotel, we met up with both sets of parents in the Mann room for a beer apiece while waiting for John to arrive as well so that our party could really begin. Having hung out with him a few times over the course of the last week we had learned that he had accidentally only booked the first leg of the flight from London to Munich and had to change his flight last minute so that he would actually end up in the right place and not Hamburg.

8 o’clock rolled around and so did John, hugs were exchanged and we got down to the business of planning our dinner. When the Mitchell’s and the Mann’s get together the order of importance goes Hellos, Beers, Food, Beers, Comfortable Beds. Since it was our first time in Munich my dad suggested that we try out Augustiner in the city center to get a taste of the nightlife and of traditional German cuisine.

New City Hall

New City Hall

Exiting the station there was a beautiful fountain next to the stairs. It was like a full staircase that had water pouring down it until it reached the bottom where we were; it looked like a storm was raging. Oh wait, no, it actually was a storm, and those were the stairs we were supposed to walk up to get to the city center. We waited a little while until the weather had settled and then made a brisk walk through the middle of the city passing through the Marienplatz and by the New City Hall with its famous glockenspiel. Even at night it was an imposing sight to take in, the eerie structure only convinced John, Kris, and I more that a beer was in order.

The Group at Augustiner

The Group at Augustiner

Augustiner is a simple little place, it’s not terribly imposing from the outside and I suspected it might look like a little chalet on the inside, perhaps seating 50-75 people. I was immediately proved wrong. It is huge. We walked through a labyrinth of tables and benches, nooks and crannies, people everywhere, it was a shock to the senses. The smells of something or another were wafting through the air and after a long day of travel my stomach was ready for dinner.


We followed our spritely host over and around the restaurant until he seated us upstairs in a large balcony overlooking an even larger room below. And for the first time in our trip we heard the drunken melody from the Germans below:

“Ein Prosit, ein Prosit

Der Gemütlichkeit

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit

Der Gemütlichkeit.


This roughly translates to “A toast, a toast, to cheer and good times. 1…2…3… drink!”

Joanna, Kim and John

Joanna, Kim and John

We received our pork-laden meals and dug in. John was the only person who ordered duck and he was rewarded with what looked to be a full beast. My meal was delicious and tasty and I was ready for my first liter of beer. Our table sunk into the happy familiarity of a few drinks and good food. Conversation was excited and quick.

The Dudes, Senior, at Hofbrauhaus

The Dudes, Senior, at Hofbrauhaus

We weren’t ready to return to the hotel yet so we picked up our things and headed over to the Hofbrauhaus for another drink. While similar to Augustiner, it seemed even larger. We found an outdoor area and sat down around 10:00 to get a drink, about 15 minutes later with full liters in hand we were informed that it was last call and we needed to drink up and get out!

Jessica and Kris at Hofbrauhaus

Jessica and Kris at Hofbrauhaus

So that was our first night in Munich. Busy and full of food, beer, and laughter.

Our Hardworking Waiter at Augustiner

Our Hardworking Waiter at Augustiner

Empty Glasses - Not all Ours

Empty Glasses – Not all Ours


Ein Prosit:


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