Ohio Reunion and the GAP – Part Six

June 9-24

Up the next day, we looked forward to our visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (HOF) but first stopped to check out the Westside Market. Similar to other great indoor markets (Reading Terminal in Philadelphia, La Boqueria in Barcelona, etc.) with a large selection of food options, we figured we’d pop in to grab a coffee and pastry or two before hitting the HOF. We parked in the large lot adjacent to the building only to discover that the market is closed on Thursdays.

Westside Market

Westside Market

Disappointed but undaunted, we stopped for a brief look at the Glass Bubble Project, a glass making cooperative nearby and then were off to the HOF, parking in a garage connected to the Great Lakes Science Center.

A brief walk later we entered the striking seven story I. M. Pei designed building, which opened in 1993 and contains over 55,000 square feet of exhibit space, a nice café, and a very, very large gift shop.

RandR HOF Front

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

We’d purchased our admission tickets on-line, a relative bargain at about $22 apiece given the scope of the attraction and easily half what we paid to visit Graceland. Having missed out on food at the Westside Market, our first stop upon entering was the All-Access Café where we picked up a packaged Turkey and Swiss Cheese sandwich that was quite good for something pulled out of a refrigerated case, and a large cookie to fill that gaping hole left from our pastry less morning. As we were finishing our food a three-piece combo started playing on the stage at Café level, and would remain performing throughout our visit.

Band that Played

Looking Down on the Stage and Cafe

Energy stores topped up, we embarked on our visit, one that would stretch to nearly five hours by the time we were finished. We agreed to split up and meet back at agreed upon times in order to explore the exhibits at our own pace and level of interest. There is a staggering number of things to see and do here, ranging from static displays of memorabilia to interactive kiosks where, for example, one can pick a song and trace the roots and influences that led to its creation.

The museum’s main gallery exhibits include cities that have had a major impact on rock and roll (Memphis, Detroit, London and Liverpool, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Seattle), soul music, the Fifties, Sun Records, Atlantic Records, hip hop music, Cleveland’s rock and roll legacy, and spotlights legendary artists like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix.

The top two levels feature large, temporary exhibits; to my delight this year’s celebrated the 50-year anniversary of Rolling Stone Magazine (RS).

I’ve subscribed to RS since the early 1970’s and found myself lingering over handwritten correspondence between publisher Jann Wenner and Hunter Thompson and particularly enjoyed multi-walled display of RS covers from its five decades of publication.


Hnter Thompson Cover

We finished up and spent considerable time in the gift shop, sifting through an incredible selection of clothing, coffee mugs, and anything you could possibly put a logo on. We escaped with just a mug, magnet, and pin (with the work ‘Rock’ on it to send to James in Mobile) and left the building to queue up for a look inside Johnny Cash’s tour bus, which was parked outside.

Johnny Cash Tour Bus

Johnny Cash Tour Bus

We retrieved the car and drove back over to the Ohio City area (home to the Westside Market), parked on street and walked to our dinner and drinking destination, Great Lakes Brewing.

Great Lakes Outside

Great Lakes Outside

While waiting for our outside table, we entered the bar area, ordered a round of drinks and sat in a booth, a large crowd with Cleveland Indian’s baseball hats on obviously killing time before that night’s game. We hadn’t been inside long when we got the call for our table, so walked outside to the patio and were seated.

A Happy Girl

A Happy Girl

Bev is Happy

Bev is Happy

After a short time perusing the menu we settled on our choices, a starter of the Sausage Sampler (Four locally-made sausages, braised red cabbage, and mustard), Joanna and I to split the Mac and Cheese (Ohio City Pasta fagolini, Czuchraj’s smoked bacon, and Gerber’s Amish Farm smoked chicken) and for Bev the Cleveland Hero Sub (Pastrami, Genoa salami, Bavarian ham, Muenster, lettuce, tomato, onions, oil, vinegar, on rustic Italian bread from Zoss the Swiss Baker) and a side order of Pierogi because, well just because we were in a city famous for them.

As often happens to us, it was way too much food, so much so that we took almost half of our Mac and Cheese and Bev’s sandwich back to the Urban Homestead. Tired after a long day of sightseeing, we fiddled around with the flat panel in the front room until we could figure out a way to stream to it and then happily watched the movie, In Bruges, as that town was one of Bev’s favorite to visit during her time with us in Europe in 2014.


R and R HOF

Our stay so far in Cleveland had gone well, with two good meals and an excellent visit to the Hall of Fame. We’d hit the streets the next day for a walking tour and finally get to spend a little time at the Westside Market. Good coffee and a pastry or two loomed on the horizon. It could be the start of a great day.

Ringo's Drum Kit

Ringo’s Drum Kit


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: https://www.rockhall.com/

Westside Market: http://westsidemarket.org/

Great Lakes Brewing: https://www.greatlakesbrewing.com/

J & J Czuchraj Meats: http://www.jandjmeats.com/

In Bruges: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_Bruges



  1. Lee Schulte · · Reply

    Hope you are enjoying my old neighborhood. Grew up 10 minutes from the West Side Market. Have fun, Cleveland sometimes gets a bad rap but it is actually a pretty fun place….during the summer….

  2. Bob Mindrum · · Reply

    Hey Jerry, my apologies for not staying in touch. Appreciated your kind offer to get a drink in Philly. Think you know I retired as union director in December, but now working 60% time on historical/archival stuff plus assorted projects for 2-3 years. Love the Tuesday-Thursday routine! They were doing some recruiting at the annual conference for my position so I offered to stay home to keep a low profile. Will probably be in Anaheim though.

    Leaving Saturday for a week in Wine Country (our third visit). Will fly into SFO, visit wineries in Sonoma for a few days, spend a day on the coast at one of our favorite places (Timber Cove Resort), then head east through Russian River and Alexander Valleys and then do Napa from the north to south. Have done a lot of Chowhounding and Yelping, but if you know of any cool places to eat and drink in Wine Country, let me know.

    Hope all is well with you and family.



    1. Bob – No worries about Philly. I figured something had come up as you describe. I too have been working on and off back on campus for the Business Auxiliary, right now helping them implement a bike share program. We will just miss you out on the west coast. We fly August 10th and spend three nights in Oakland with friends, then off to southern Oregon for three more, than back to San Francisco through the weekend of the 19th for our daughters wedding. We return home on the 21st and then fly to Greece where we start a three month trip to Europe that will include hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. I will send you a separate email with some recommendations for your trip. Just to make sure, what is a good email address for you?

  3. Thomas Carlisle · · Reply

    Wish I’d been there with you. Any roady exhibits? Hail, hail rock ‘n roll!

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