North Carolina Spring 2021, Part Five

June 3 – 14, 2021

Our drive to Greensboro (Summerfield) to Ann and Rendy’s would only take about ninety minutes, so again we had no need to hurry that Tuesday morning.  This gave us a chance to do a load of laundry (one advantage of staying in an Airbnb unit is often some form of laundry facility is available).  A little before noon we left the condo and drove to the University City area of north Charlotte to eat at another favorite spot, Bahn Mi Brothers.

Bahn Mi Brothers Menu Board

I’ve written about this place a few times before as their Bahn Mi’s are the closest we’ve come to those we were first introduced to in Houston by Lee, great flavored pork, perfect baguette’s, mayo, cilantro, cucumber, jalapeño, pickled daikon & carrots.  Best of all is how reasonable it is, each sandwich just $6.50.  Along with a shrimp summer roll, Thai Tea, and diet coke the total came to $18.22, a filling way to launch our afternoon.

The drive to Ann and Rendy’s went smoothly, familiar to us after having made it many times during our eleven-year residency in Charlotte.  Later that day we’d head to Rio Grande Kitchen and Cantina in nearby Oak Ridge to meet Kelsey and Jeremy, Ann and Rendy’s oldest daughter and her husband along with their two kids, Charlie, and Holly.  It is one of those new style Mexican restaurants, offering the classics and interesting interpretations of south of the border cuisine.

The group at Rio Grande

As it to be expected, Joanna and I ordered a Jumbo Margarita apiece, mine a gold and hers a Jalapeno, and for food she went for an interesting strawberry salad with Salmon, while I opted for the fish tacos.  The food was quite good, particularly the fish tacos as they were not overdressed (faithful readers will recognize this peeve of mine) and with good quality fish.  Prices were reasonable, our tab coming to $53 without the tip. 

The next day would be full of fun, Rendy, Joanna and I heading to the Greensboro Science Center early in the afternoon for a couple of hours before heading to his Mother’s Senior Living complex to whisk her away to a brewpub.

Science Center Map

For a small regional center, we found this one to be thoroughly engaging and full of much to see.  Being quite warm and humid that day, we started with the outdoor exhibits first in order to cool down later inside. 

We passed the Komodo Dragon pen, laughed at the Meerkats, and soon found ourselves at the Kiwanisaurus Treehouse Adventure, a multilevel treehouse that could keep kids busy for hours.  Rendy is a member of his local Kiwanis chapter and through their efforts this attraction came into being.

We spent almost as much time there as the kids, and then moved on to the farther outreaches of the zoo section, eventually settling at the tiger compound, where despite the heat the Sumatran Tiger was playfully active. 

About that heat I mentioned.  Two years living back on the west coast clouded my recollection of just how bothersome high heat and high humidity are.  We hung in there as long as we could but soon the siren call of air conditioning beckoned and thus, we abandoned the zoo.  Once inside the three of us split up and headed off in separate directions.  I soon found myself on the aquarium side and again, although small in scope it was thoroughly entertaining. 

Watching the penguins cavort was a delight and several of the saltwater tanks reinforce just how brightly colored most fish are.  I moved onto the reptile displays, glad to be separated from the venomous versions by that plate of glass.

Don’t Bite

The three of us reconvened in the lobby of the center and now finished with our time there, made our way to Melody’s (Rendy’s Mom) place to pick her up for her afternoon out at the Bull City Ciderworks.

Bull City Ciderworks

It’s a nice modern airy place, with loads of good lighting and along with an extensive selection of ciders, a small but well-crafted list of local craft beers.  And during our two plus hours there, we’d pretty much try all of them, myself concentrating on a high gravity IPA and Stout after enjoying a lager to quench my science center induced thirst. 

I’ve known Melody for 62 years, as long as I’ve known Rendy, and having raised three strong willed children by herself, she remains an alert and strong-willed woman.  I’ll be truthful in saying that I enjoy pulling her chain from time to time knowing full well that Rendy will eventually have to suffer the consequences. 

The Four of Us

And that finished our day, as we returned Melody to her residence and then back to the house for a quiet dinner and evening, getting us ready for our drive the next day to Durham and a rendezvous with Joanna’s Mother and sister. 

Two Cisco’s


Bahn Mi Brothers:

Rio Grande Kitchen and Cantina:

Greensboro Science Center:

Bull City Ciderworks:

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  1. You forgot to mention the partaking at the end of the last night. lol

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