Hot Springs 2021, Part Four

May 13 – 24, 2021

It was much cooler the next day and after lingering on the front porch for a good stretch of the morning we donned swimsuits and walked over to the large pool, nicely warmed due to ambient temperature and its adjacent small pools that were a touch warmer.  Sufficiently cooled down we now enjoyed the hot pools much more than the day before, the natural mineral content providing for a relaxing soak in water whose temperature remained tolerably hot.

Large Pool

The Large Pool

Later, in the afternoon, we drove to Shoshone to eat at the Crowbar Café, the only open restaurant in the area.  The town itself is basically a block long and houses a gas station, post office, the Chas Brown Co. market (liquor and souvenirs), an outpost of the Inyo County Sheriff, the café itself and the Shoshone Museum and Visitor Center.  As bleak as it seemed, it was an oasis to us.

Museum Gift Shop at Shosone

Shoshone Museum and Gift Shop

Seated at a table for four at the back of the café Joanna ordered an iced tea and a Mexican combo plate while I went for a Mojave Gold from Indian Wells Brewing and a chicken sandwich.  It was a good meal and although the sandwich was a little dry, we easily finished off our respective plates and left satisfied.  We settled our tab and walked across the street to the market to see what was offered, thinking some ice cream for later would be just the ticket.

Unfortunately, nothing there appealed to us, and we left empty handed, returning to Delight’s for the balance of the day and evening.  We took one more plunge in the hot tubs and enjoyed a quiet sunset on the front porch, high winds whipping the bushes and trees on the property.

Windblown Sunset

Windblown Sunset

With just a short drive to Henderson the next day, we detoured to Pahrump for breakfast at O Happy Bread, a French bakery with good reviews.  Situated in a strip mall off the main drag, its wide store front contained two refrigerated cases of a broad and delicious looking array of pastries and baked goods and a seating area on one side of the room.

O Happy Bread

O Happy Bread

After some painful deliberation, the choices literally freezing our brain pans, we settled on a large donut looking pastry with an almond cream filling, a Chicken Bagnat sandwich and a large latte to split.

Sandwich Bagnat

Chicken Bagnat

During our six months in Europe in 2014 I fell in love with the French version of a chicken sandwich, tender pieces of chicken breast placed in a baguette with mayonnaise, tomato, and lettuce, every single one as good a sandwich as it gets and rarely found here in the states.


One of Those French Chicken Sandwiches

This one would come pretty close, the only downside being the round size of the bread tended to overwhelm the ingredients inside.  The pastry though was a winner, dense dough that provided more sustenance than one would normally associate with something sweet to eat.

Massive Pastry

The Filling Pastry

Completely full, we waddled to the car and made our way to Henderson, climbing up to Mountain Springs Summit (5,500 Feet) before descending into the Las Vegas Valley and our arrival at Kim and Marty’s, a regular stop for us, great friends that fate has blessed us with.  The plan that night was to head to Super Summer Theater’s (a local non-profit theater company) production of Dino, Judy, Frank & Babs, a tribute showcasing the songs made famous by Dean Martin, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, and Barbara Streisand.

Tecopa to Henderson

Tecopa to Henderson

But first, we stopped for dinner at chain based in three states (Nevada, Utah and Texas), Skinny Fats, known for its diverse menu of healthy and not so healthy options and an employee friendly environment.  Of the five Las Vegas/Henderson locations, this one had the added bonus of an outlet of Beer Zombies, a small but well stocked craft beer purveyor, one we took advantage of.  Joanna ordered a Helios Habanero Vanilla Hefeweizen by Astronomy Aleworks, Kim had a Coffee Vanilla Black by Dugges Bryggeri and I closed out the trifecta with a Reno As Fuck Imperial IPA by Revision Brewing Company.

Brew Pub at Skinny Fats

Beer Zombies

On the food side of the equation, Joanna opted for the Spud McCurry (slow roasted sweet potato, yellow Thai coconut curry, golden raisins, and mint crème fraiche) and I had the Naked Chix (mango basil chicken, Hawaiian mix, Jasmine rice, and cilantro yo).  Both bowls were under ten dollars apiece and a delight to consume.

Next up was our rendezvous with the icons of 40’s, 50’s and 60’s music, held in an industrial park in what turned out to be a small but nice performance venue.  Much of what we would see and hear tonight is the music of my youth, Broadway show tunes and Top Forty standards of the era, not my cup of tea but the players, two aging Vegas multi-talented singer/dance/actors (Joy Demain and Jay Joseph) and a crack three piece combo (keyboards, drums and bass) performed in an admirably professional manner.

Dino, Judy, Frank, & Babs

Dino, Judy, Frank, & Babs

The highlight of the evening though was before the show, as we checked in with the volunteer staff and waited in a large waiting room for the performance to begin.  The older husband and wife team scanning the tickets and generally providing a comedic routine worthy of George Burns and Gracie Allen were matched equally by a couple of groups of septuagenarians (a cohort I will soon be joining) and octogenarians for whom this evening was going to be the highlight of the year’s social calendar.

Super Summer Theater

Super Summer Theater

There are times in each of our lives when we are tasked with sitting through an event that we normally wouldn’t select for entertainment.  This could be a baptism ceremony performed in Polish (Montreal), your kids’ middle school choral recital, when the ability to sing on key is not required, or tonight’s nostalgic look back.  The key is to find something to like, that one thing you can cling to as you wait for the show to end.  For me it was that three piece combo, performing as if for thousands, and making every note count.

Crowbar Cafe

The Crowbar Cafe in Shoshone


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