Addendum to Last Amsterdam Post

Given the length of the last post and the number of pictures, and the incredibly slow, intermittent and unreliable wi-fi we have here at Camping Paradijs in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic, I didn’t include the two maps of our bike routes.  Also, some folks don’t care about the bike stuff so they can immediately delete this post 🙂


Here they are:


Vliegenbos to Marken

Vliegenbos to Marken

Edam Round Trip

Edam Round Trip

I won’t get to write about the area we are in (Cesky Krumlov) for a couple of weeks, but it is beautiful country, very much reminiscent of our travels to Southern Oregon to visit the Carlisle’s.  We rode a hard 20 miles to day with almost 2,000 feet of climbing in less than five miles.  Delicious Czech pilsners will help ease the sore muscles later today

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